Choose the pool of your dreams

Together with the investor, architect and subcontractors for construction works, we strive to contribute to the best possible project, and together, expertly guided by all actors, with maximum cooperation and communication prepare the ground, and make the property, house, pool, garden beautiful and comfortable ultimately get the pool you were thinking about.


Order our plumbing services

We install all plumbing installations professionally and quickly, such as bathtubs, shower trays, cabins, bathroom furniture, faucets, siphons, valves, hydrophores and water pumps. We are installing a new water supply and sewerage network, reconstruction of the existing water supply and sewerage network, and installation and assembly of toilets and bathroom accessories.


Order air conditioning for your apartment or house

Air conditioners are the most common cooling and heating devices that have been used in our country for many years, but they have been experiencing their real expansion in recent years. Air conditioning includes heating, cooling, dehumidification, purification and air ventilation.


Do you need central or solar heating?

Professional installation of solar systems is our specialty, and we have experience working with the most famous brands in this category. The use of solar energy with the use of incentives for installation is a great way to save money and an indicator of high environmental awareness of those who choose it.